Year: 2013

Designed together with Powerdesign and SBS R&D (Scandinavian Business Seating).
HÅG SoFi; Stands out, Fits in

Photos by Pål Laukli & Per Gunnarsson

The HÅG SoFi is based on the The Balanced Movement Mechanism™ which is unique to HÅG chairs. In a HÅG chair, the front edge of the seat tilts upwards when you lean backwards and down when you lean forwards. This stimulates ankle movement, in turn activating the circulation mechanisms of your lower legs (“the peripheral heart”), enhancing circulation throughout the body. The result is greater energy and improved efficiency at work.

HÅG SoFi is designed to appeal to the upper middle level of the office chair market (around €800), which represents the main volumes for HÅG. HÅG SoFi has increased visual and physical comfort, significantly enhanced user experience and more costly materials and details than any other HÅG chair. HÅG SoFi is based on the values of Scandinavian design tradition and fits in as a fresh new heir in the HÅG office chair range. It's been particular emphasis on the back of the chair as this is the main viewing angle in most modern office environment. The main form has a friendly, human like silhouette which partly enclose and "protects" the user. We have focused on removing most of the visually technical solutions, often found on office chairs, without compromising on function. All the controls are therefore integrated tightly into the main modules.

The shape of the back runs down and ends just below the seat shell in order to enhance privacy for the user and hide access to the underside of the chair. This gives a clean, uncluttered look. The chair's main elements have a common visual language. The chamfer on the backs lower part, which we call the "smile" is forwarded to both the seat and the armrest tops. This visually links the chairs main volumes together and underpins the overall look. Controls are designed with the same shape detailing, tactile qualities and materials. The chair is designed from all sides, including the bottom which is usually unexposed. The innovative armrest solution dynamically loops around the seat and gives an impression of floating. The armrest tops are generous and has a unique visual identity. A lot of work has been put in for the chair to look just as good with the armrests in the front and the rear position.

HÅG SoFi has the lowest carbon footprint of comparable task chairs on the market with the same degree of functionality and comfort (63 kg).
HÅG SoFi has a great variation richness and is better described as a chair series. It can be specified with two back heights, with or without head rests and three armrest alternatives. In addition, it comes in a simplified "Visitor" edition without wheels. The textiles, plastic and paint colors comes in a larger selection than any other HÅG chairs. It is possible to tailor a HÅG SoFi as desired. In addition, it is highlighted several predefined configurations that enhances the chair various properties. The rich variation span enables HÅG SoFi to "stretch" from the lower middle class up to the executive segment.