Alta Bike

Year: 2004

The Alta Bike was designed as a selt initiated collaboration project between the Norwegian designers Bleed (Graphic Design), Norway Says (Furniture Design) and Frost Produkt (Produkt Design) in 2004.

It was initially meant to be a project with a limited production of 50 bikes but Alta soon became so popular that it became the first modern serial production single speed on the marked.

The initial idea behind the Alta Bike was to make a light, timeless, fast and durable bicycle that was designed for city use, in contrast to the mountain bikes mostly used in the city at the time. The handlebar, the Alta Bike’s signature feature, is designed to give you the power needed to deal with hills and obstacles and the construction of the aluminium frame enhances the drive efficiency.

The Alta Bike has been bought by the Norwegian National Museum as a part of their permanent collection, already stated a “Design Classic”, has gained a lot of internationally press and even been blatantly copied by a Japanese, an Australian and an American Bike brand.

Deceased co-founder Jann Frost (Frost Produkt) posing for Monocle Magazine.

Advertising campaign for the Alta Bike. 

Photos by Gaute Gjøl Dahle,