Frost Produkt can deliver different services in a product development process.
The services are explained further in the diagram underneath.

We team up with other specialists when needed, and can through our network deliver comprehensive solutions including hardware design, mechanical engineering, UX design, graphic/branding/identity.

Our clients are also offered our broad supplier and production network. 


Design Strategy

Research/ Analysis: Positioning User studies / Expert interviews / Market analysis

Design Leadership: Product and portfolio strategy (Roadmap) / Defining projectbrief


Product Development

Concept Development: Research / Ideation/Sketching / Mockups / Testing

Prototyping & Testing:
Protoyping / User testing / Verification of concept

3D-modeling(CAD)/ Protoyping CMF (Color, material, finish) / Stress-Testing / Adjustments / Final Testing


Product Realization

Production Readiness: Technicaldrawings /  Documentation / Specifications /  Sourcing / Quote request / Order tooling

Evaluation/Adjustments: Assembly manual / Recieve and evaluate testbatch / Pilot testing / Adjustments, feedback to manufacturer

Packaging Design: Packaging construction / Graphic design / User manual


Product Maintenance

Marketing Materials: Point of sale / Stand design / Merchandise / Visualization

Product Updates: New color ways / Update existing products / Adaptation to new markets & certifications.