Year 2010

The Basic series are basic kitchen utensils concerned with preparing and serving food. It started with a desire to develop a series of sturdy, durable, natural and basic tools for the kitchen and dining table, emphasizing closeness to food and produce, and ease of use. So the masher and brush has big ergonomic handles, the cork on the carafes are also large an easy to use, the trivet folds up and the chopping board has different compartments for cut produce. We have not designed an entire range of utensils, but rather focused on some products.

The product development startedin 2008 as a self initiated project between the Norwegian design offices StokkeAustad and Frost Produkt which are good friends and colleagues.

Today the series consist of a chopping board, a potato/mushroom brush, a masher, serving spoon/spatula, a trivet, stackable candleholders, water carafe, wine decanter and wine and old fashioned glasses.

The series received "Best Cook's Kit" Wallpaper Award 2010

Photos by Tom Gustavsen