Fjorden Grip by Leica

Year: 2020 - 2023

In a world where smartphones are rapidly replacing dedicated cameras, Victor Henning - founder of Fjorden, embarked on a mission to elevate smartphone photography by combining the convenience of iPhones with the precision of DSLR-style controls.

Design and Development Process

Victor teamed up with Frost Produkt and we started an iterative design and development process. Extensive prototyping, involving cardboard models and 3D prints in combination with user testing was employed to refine the ergonomics of the Fjorden Grip. One of the key challenges was fitting the internal components and electronics within the slim, pocketable form factor of the grip. 


Fjorden lets you take better photos by turning your iPhone into a professional compact camera. It offers the same physical camera controls as a DSLR but is small enough to fit in your pocket. It clips into, and out of, compatible Fjorden iPhone cases in less than a second, so you can take it along to a new iPhone when you upgrade.  Aesthetically, the Fjorden Grip has been inspired by the construction and craftsmanship of classic cameras such as Leica and Rollei. The clean, functional and ergonomic design is designed to work well with the iPhone, while retaining its own, timeless visual identity.

Fjorden works with the free Fjorden Camera app or the native camera app. When not serving as a camera grip, Fjorden is also an adjustable smartphone kickstand.

Accessories and packaging

As part of the project we developed a range of accessories including wrist straps, carrybags, iPhone cases for several models and a magnetic Magsafe adapter that can be used for all iPhone models after iPhone 12. We also developed the packaging system for all Fjorden products.

Kickstarter success

Fjorden was launced on Kickstarter July 2021 and received over 2000% funding.

Leica acquisition!

In June 2024 the iconic German camera manufacturer Leica, announced that it acquired Fjorden. 

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