Heatsink Vases

Year: 2023


Frost Produkt industrial design office received invitation from Unika Auction, alongside several prominent Norwegian designers, to showcase and auction previously unseen creations. This exciting exhibition was thoughtfully curated by Fold Oslo, which brought together a diverse group of designers, both emerging talents and well-established veterans such as Andreas Engesvik, Jonas Stokke, Runa Klock, Jenkins Uhnger, Lars Beller Fjetland, Hunting Narud, Vilde Hagelund and Frost Produkt. The exhibition was held at the historic Bankplassen 4, a revered architectural masterpiece that has, in its storied past, housed the national bank and the museum of contemporary art. This unique fusion of design and history added a beautiful dimension to the show. The designs of the exhibition were available at renown Norwegian auctioneers Blomqvist.


Frost Produkt specialize in technical product development, often with products containing electronics. One of the common challenges is effectively dissipating heat generated by the processor without relying on a fan. This is known as passive cooling. An efficient method for heat dissipation is using heatsinks. Heatsinks are structures crafted from materials with high thermal conductivity, such as copper and aluminium. Their design maximizes surface area to facilitate the redistribution of heat to the surrounding air. For the Unika auction, we have created a collection of vases inspired by the aesthetics of heatsinks, while also showcasing elements of a production process. The concept behind these vases is that one half remains in its “unfinished state”, resembling a raw block of aluminium, while the other half is meticulously machined, bead blasted, and anodized, highlighting the beauty of both the raw material and the finished product.

Photos by Magnus Norstrand