Huddly Canvas

Year: 2020

Whiteboarding is a simple, physical, familiar and effective tool for team collaboration, and the Huddly Canvas AI camera makes it easy to integrate whiteboards into video calls.

This helps teams do great work together even when people are working from different locations. Designed to be easy to use and set up, Canvas leverages advanced AI technology to enhance the whiteboard content: it removes shadows and gloss, reproduces precise lines and colors, and ensures that remote participants can see the board clearly.

Huddly worked closely with Microsoft and Zoom to make sure that Canvas delivers a great user experience on these leading collaboration platforms.

Frost Produkt worked together with Huddly’s awesome inhouse design team in developing and industrializing the Huddly Canvas.

Frost Produkt was involved in the design of the packaging as well.
Huddly Canvas received the IF Design award in 2021.

Further details: Huddly Canvas