Huddly IQ 

Year: 2018-2019

In 2020 Huddly had a yearly revenue of 365 million NOK which was all in cameras designed by Frost Produkt.

Huddly is an exciting Norwegian tech company which Frost Produkt has had the honor of being design partner with since its start in 2015. It all began with founder Stein Ove Eriksen’s idea who wanted to create a smart, affordable, and compact video conference camera, in contrast to the complex and expensive products delivered by the established players in the business.

Frost has been involved in the development of many of the cameras and solutions from Huddly and the Huddly IQ is the predecessor of the Huddly GO camera which started it all.

The Huddly IQ camera was designed to democratize video communication. It is a plug and play conferencing camera, built to work on any video platform and delivering crystal-clear video from a pocket-sized product. Huddly IQ seeks to balance precision with personality. The 4K wide angle lens provides a 150° field of view fitting everyone in the frame. The intelligent software de-warps and perspective corrects the image to correlate with human vision, enabling a more immersive, natural experience. The IQ camera has a built-in microphone array and AI functionality, incl. industry-leading smart framing and advanced room analytics.

The camera body is made out of aluminum and has an integrated mounting foot/clamp in its main shape. The camera design builds on the Scandinavian design tradition, and appears intuitive, precise, and tidy with a slight character. Frost Produkt has been involved in all physical design aspect of the camera including development of accessories like mounting brackets, travel pouches and packaging.

The success of the Huddly camera range is evident in the production and sale of more than hundreds of thousands of units in total, both as individual products and as components of video solutions for reputable entities like Crestron and Google. In 2020 Huddly had a yearly revenue of 365 million NOK which was all in cameras designed by Frost Produkt. The Huddly IQ has won both RedDot design award and the DOGA award. 

Huddly IQ